Violet Tungsten Oxide Picture

V doped violet tungsten oxide is doping vanadium (V) into VTO (W18O49) nanowire lattice structure to generate doped W18O49 nanowire. A study directly synthesized V doped violet tungsten oxide by solvothermal method, the preparation steps are as following:
1. Take WCl6 as W source, and propanol as a synthesis solvent to form a WCl6 propanol solution;
2. Dissolve the appropriate amount of NH4VO3 in the WCl6 propanol solution (the atomic ratio of V/W is about 2at%) with stirring, to form the precursor solution containing vanadium;
3. Transfer the precursor solution to hydrothermal synthesis reaction kettle to carry out solvothermal reaction at 200°C for 9 hours, then dry the wet product to obtain V doped violet tungsten oxide nanowire.

tungsten oxide nanowires SEM imageV doped violet tungsten oxide SEM image

The doping of vanadium has not only changed the growth kinetics of a wiener rice noodle, but also induced the appearing of new surface state on the nanowires’ surface. At the same time, the doping of WO2.72 nanowires with the high density non steady state surface promote the surface oxygen adsorption, thus to significantly improve the room temperature sensitive properties of W18O49 nanowires. Studies have shown that W18O49 nanowires with the stoichiometric ratio is a kind of high performance NO2 sensitive material at room temperature, and has good development and potential applications in the detection of thin NO2 under the room temperature.